Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dont try this at home...

A new wallpaper

Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 years with Linux:Five Things to know about Linux

These are just ramblings about what I came to know about Linux in the past 2 years I have been using it. Its fun all the time learning about stuff you never knew existed.

1) There are many paths leading to the top of a mountain, but there is only one summit.

You may ask what is the right way of doing a job on Linux. There is no right way or the only way. There are multiple options and each can be right. It depends on what you want and what you are comfortable with. Just because something doesn't work for you it is not wrong. Power of Linux remains in not only giving you the result but also the tools you can use to make it better.

2) If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your own path.

By trying to solve problems or helping others you will find solutions of your own troubles. Others may have a solution of your problems and you may have theirs. You can only gain by sharing.

3) The world is like a mirror you see? Smile and your friends smile back.

Everyone is busy, everyone likes to get their query solved first, but community is made up of friends. You have to be kind to get kindness and patient to get the answers. Remember the people who are answering you, do it for the community.

4) The answer is out there, if only thing to do is to look.

Every question you are looking for has been asked, every answer has been given. You just have to look for it. Searching the web is not a difficult thing, but it is important for you to search it. Linux is not for closed minds, its for a mind that questions, an alive mind which likes to think.

5) Journey of a thousand mile starts with a step.

You can only discover something good if you are willing to search for it. Try it before you can say it is worthless. Before you can say Linux is not for you try it once, it might not be for you but you might also find a new way to life.

Hope this helps you in understanding Linux better. May the source be with you...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ideal BSOD...

Hey guys its been a long time since we have seen the Blue Screen Of Death, a bane for Windoze users and a unheard character for us. I got this BSOD Wallpaper and knew this could be made better.

I had got Windows XP and things were OK for sometime but then came Vista. It was an horrifying experience. Microsoft acknowledged that it was a mistake of an operating system but like a bunch of hoodlums, extorting money, said if you wish to save yourself from misery then cough up your hard earned money. I then tried Ubuntu, this was June 2010, and have never looked back. I went from Ubuntu to Fedora and have found utopia.

Ideal BSOD

Monday, March 19, 2012

Flash or no Flash that is the question...

Last week was hell it was my submission and my hard disk crashed. It was totally my bad but still shit happens. Got my new hard disk, thanks Lenovo for a swift service and loved the experience. So after a full marks service by Lenovo I got the computer up and running, installed Fedora and tweaked it to my preference. I had thought of installing Arch but was in no mood to spend the days configuring to do a simple job and also was a little short of time for my submission.

So that bring us to our post, this not just any rambling. Flash has decided to drop support for linux for its next version. Version 12 will only be available for Mac and Windoze users. We have read all the blogs and news flashes (he he he) Flash for linux will stop at version 11 and will only be supported for next 5 years. We all know that by that time we will (hopefully) have HTML5 and will never require the abomination called Flash. But are we ready for Flash free surfing today.

I am not gonna install Flash for as long as possible. I will try to use alternatives if I require it too badly, but no Flash for me for the near future. Wish me luck guys...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Waiting for the Miracle

Fedora 17 is a miracle, its a Beefy miracle. Just tried out Alpha and its looking great. Waiting to get hold of it and hopefully to help in the process.
Today I am just ironing out my online presence with having a similar face everywhere. Uploaded my hackergotchi...

I have also dabbled with Gimp and Inkscape to make a wallpaper in anticipation of the new release. Hope you like it.
1600 x 968
You all are free to use the wallpaper in any ways you like just would love to hear your comments. If you feel anything offensive or inappropriate, comment...

The hotodog i got from Mairin Duffy and the fedora stars constellation from Nicu B. much better artists