Monday, March 19, 2012

Flash or no Flash that is the question...

Last week was hell it was my submission and my hard disk crashed. It was totally my bad but still shit happens. Got my new hard disk, thanks Lenovo for a swift service and loved the experience. So after a full marks service by Lenovo I got the computer up and running, installed Fedora and tweaked it to my preference. I had thought of installing Arch but was in no mood to spend the days configuring to do a simple job and also was a little short of time for my submission.

So that bring us to our post, this not just any rambling. Flash has decided to drop support for linux for its next version. Version 12 will only be available for Mac and Windoze users. We have read all the blogs and news flashes (he he he) Flash for linux will stop at version 11 and will only be supported for next 5 years. We all know that by that time we will (hopefully) have HTML5 and will never require the abomination called Flash. But are we ready for Flash free surfing today.

I am not gonna install Flash for as long as possible. I will try to use alternatives if I require it too badly, but no Flash for me for the near future. Wish me luck guys...


  1. An interesting test but I give you 24 hours of surf time before you cave.

    1. Tank you Anon it has been more than 48 hours and I dont find it to be more than a nuisance. Video sites doesnt work right now, but I will give it a week to make me cave, but I will take it as a challenge and ll not try alternatives before the weeks end...

  2. without spending time on those flash-laden sites (read videos, youtube, etc), you will have more time for actual reading and coding. You'll yourself more productive in flash-free world :)

  3. I don’t think Flash is the one that requires a lot of computing power, it’s the fact of decompressing and decoding a very complex data in real time called “Digital Video”, Flash makes transparent the hardware calls implementation for the developers, with swf to html5 converter you will need to deal with conversion of flash to html5 players by rendering a lot of hardware engines, then multi-platform apps will be a true headache for the developers, the same problem than always: HTML hacks for each browser but with a more complex technology: HTML5