Sunday, February 26, 2012

Noob's first step towards Geek

Weekend project - do what geeks love to do. Compile my own operating system!!!

I am taking my first step towards geekdom just fresh out of noobhood. Well this is not the first step. The first step was installing linux and there was never any looking back. What's the next logical next step, installing softwares from source tarball. Not an easy task but been there done that. Was it easy not at all, there have been lots of hits and misses. Now its time to take up the task of compiling the operating system whole.

Why to compile your OS???

Gee that's a tough one. Why would you go through a long, bitter process of downloading source code, fulfilling dependencies, compiling the source code to find that you misspelt a command and lost half an hour to get an result.

Because I can do it, I can learn while am at it. Learn how stuff works, how to break and rebuild it, and to be focused while doing it so. There are other reasons to you can read it at LFS official site. So not re-inventing the wheel.

Enough of idioms lets get down to business, I am trying to install LFS v7.0 on a VirtualBox. I tried using Fedora live cd but it doesn't have gcc installed. I am now using a custom built OpenSUSe from SUSEStudio without graphical user interface.
Linux God

This post took a lot of time coming because it has grown from a weekend project to a weekends project. Linux God give me power to complete this benediction. With my exams coming on and thesis in way I dont kno when can I complete it. Wish me luck, please I need it a lot.

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