Thursday, December 22, 2011

1 down, 1 to go...


This post has been written on the newest addition to my Fedora family. I have installed Fedora 16 Verne successfully on my new Lenovo ThinkPad T520. This is the second laptop to get converted. I also have an old desktop which I converted to Fedora. The new laptop came preloaded with Windows 7 but Fedora was installed in a jiffy. This was by far the easiest installation ever. I usually remove all the traces of Windows. Everything seems to work out of the box. Startup, suspend, resume is also flawless which was a pain in my HP dv4 laptop.

The computer is a lot more zippier than what I have used before. All the transitions is a lot more smooth on this. Keyboard is a bit tough to feel but is very sensitive, so no complaints. It's great to work on it even for a long time. The placement of a few buttons are different than the the HP that I had but its nice and will get used to it. Love the keyboard light, lets me work without disturbing my room-mate. TrackPad is easy to find because of the change in the texture.

TrackPad works nicely too but two finger scrolling is a pain with it. I will have to tweak some settings I think to make it work. Two finger pinch zooming doesn't work. Trackpoint also works but middle button scrolling doesn't. I haven't used it as yet as this is my first ThinkPad but would love to have it. Please help me if anyone can, post the help in comments.

Today is just day 1 and I am loving it. Will post soon after a thorough workout of the laptop.

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